Multiplication Table Game 2.0

Multiplication Table Game 2.0

Multiplication Table Game 2.0

Istvan Bodai Oyunlar

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Multiplication Game

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In this mathematics application, you can learn basics of multiplication.
Learning multiplication table is very easy with this Multiplication Table game.
This application has 4 gameplay modes.
First you can check the learned multiplication tables. You can make pre selected exercise quizes after you practiced a lot. At last you can test your multiplication skills with 2 player mode.
When you click learn button on main page, you can select 1-10 tables of multiplication. You can touch forward button and backward button. Every time you click forward button, you can see the next multiplication table.

When you click practice button on main page, you can make one by one exercises and you can check your multiplication table skills. Exercises have 10 parts and in every part you will raise your knowledge.
When you click Test button, you have to answer 20 questions and the end of the test you can see the results.

This math table application is a beautiful app in the market related with multiplication tables. You can easily learn multiplication tables.
Don't forget to compare your knowledge with your parents or other family members in 2 player versus mode.